About Jodi McConaghy

owner and principal photographer

Jodi McConaghy is a professional artist and photographer, with over 30 years’ experience practicing and exhibiting as a Visual Artist. Jodi has a Bachelor of Arts and a Diploma of Digital Imaging (with distinction). As an artist, Jodi is known for her thick pallet knife oil paintings of colour abstractions and her work is held in private collections throughout Australia. As a Photographer Jodi she has been a finalist in the prestigious Head On Portrait Prize in 2013 and the National Photographic Portrait Prize in 2019, with an image her then 14 year old son.

Jodi specialises in formal/informal club, group, team and portrait photography. She loves having a great time with her clients, whilst working with the highest degree of professionalism during the sessions. Jodi is a caring, generous and a genuine and enjoys being involved in community groups, getting to know people and supporting them over the years.

Jodi has been photographing the Lower Mountains Junior Rugby League Club for the past 6 years, and her greatest joy is interacting with the dedicated volunteers and watching the 300 players grow up. “The Under 6’s are now the under 12’s and they have changed so much. It’s a privilege to see and photograph the players each year. I am amazed that a 16 year old can grow full beard within one year”

Jodi currently lives in the Blue Mountains with her two gorgeous teenage boys and amazing play space designer husband Ric McConaghy.


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Community Spirit

When people come together, with common interests and goals, they work as a team, develop strong friendships and have a good time together. Groups help build people’s self-esteem, confidence, optimism and a sense of belonging, and I love photographing this positivity. It is important to capture a community’s spirit. It is beneficial for individuals to feel like they are a part of a team. When we work collaboratively with groups, we capture the heart, camaraderie, loyalty and closeness that has been developed between everyone